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Lade Industries is a resource for small businesses. We specialize in creating a web presence and offer continuous online support. Our expertise is in microsoft applications. We offer training in the Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Microsoft Expression and more. Ask us today if you have a special need.

Lade Industries also supports ERP systems such as Microsoft AX, Baan and more. Lade Industries assists mid size to large industries retain specialized knowledge as employees move to new positions and/or new employees are hired. Our staff will perform on-site training, create training documentation for employees as well as workflow charts for management.

Ongoing in-house training can be cost free. How do we do this? Our staff will create audio/video training packages that ensure your company retains the specifics of how each task on your ERP system should be performed. Each video can reside on the applicable work station or computer.

How to know if your company needs audio/visual training material.

  • Does your staff tell you your ERP software cannot do or supply what you want?
  • Does management feel they need a new or different ERP system?
  • Has staff turnover created ERP knowledge gaps?
  • Is your continuous improvement program failing to keep up with the current needs of your company?

ISO 9000 Support.

  • We create workflow diagrams for ISO 9000.
  •      We can use existing company software or Visio for workflow diagrams.
  • Our Audio/video files are accepted as ISO 9000 documentation.
  • Employees will review a procedure at the click of a mouse. Employees rarely pull written documentation as they find it too unwieldy to search and review.

Call us today to arrange a site visit.

(519) 491-6137